[Slowhand] lukewarm on Cream Reuinon

Apurva Parikh apuraja8 at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 11 11:57:18 EST 2004

If it happens.. For me it won't be about what type of guitar plays (Strat vs 
Gibson), but it'll more about how much passion/energy Ginger/Jack have. 
Hopefully it's not just a vehicle for them to make some maybe much needed 
cash, but it's actually something they all will be creatively driven by.
Not saying I want a Cream 2005 new album or anything like that, I just think 
this idea might have been better say 5 years ago or so. Eric can still play, 
no doubt, and I am sure he's at a place in his life, turning 60 next year, 
another kid on the way, ONE more new album, that he wants to not have any 
regrets and do a live week with his old buddies.

BTW, anyone know if Eric/Melia have said if the baby is a boy/girl? Let's 
hope for a boy!


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