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San Francisco Art Exchange to Mount the First-Ever Exhibition of Boyd's
                          Powerful Photographic Work

Opening February 14, the Show Will Feature 60+ Pieces, Including Portraits 
                                  Rock Icons

    SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Although Pattie Boyd has remained 
distinctly private person over the years, large portions of her life are 
the stuff of legend.  Rock 'n roll's ultimate muse, Boyd wed Beatle George
Harrison in 1966 after meeting him in '64 when a modeling gig led to a bit
part in A Hard Day's Night.  She spoke but one word in the acclaimed film, 
her influence on rock history spoke volumes -- Harrison wrote "Something" 
her, a sublime ballad that's regarded as one of contemporary music's 
love songs.  Then, in the final stages of Boyd's 10-year union with 
Eric Clapton fell for her, and wrote the anguished classic of unrequited 
"Layla," #27 on Rolling Stone Magazine's '500 Greatest Songs Of All Time.'  
a happier note, after they married in 1979 (they divorced a decade later),
Clapton penned the lovely "Wonderful Tonight" for Pattie.

    Throughout her remarkable life, Boyd has documented the world around her
photographically.  She began shooting in London during the heady days of the
mid-'60s, when she was an icon of the city's swingin' scene, writing the
column "Pattie's Letter From London" for 16 Magazine, among other pursuits.
For the last two decades, Boyd has practiced photography professionally, and
the San Francisco Art Exchange's (SFAE) 2005 solo exhibition of her work 
her worldwide gallery debut.  Opening Valentine's Day, February 14, SFAE 
display over 60 original pieces spanning the last four decades. The 
was curated in association with Raj Prem Fine Art Photography, with whom 
has had a longstanding association.

    Many of the pieces reflect Boyd's historic vantage point from the
epicenter of rock 'n roll culture, offering revealing images -- ranging from
candid to more formal -- of Harrison and Clapton, as well as Marianne
Faithfull, B.B. King, Mick Fleetwood, Mick Jagger and Ron Wood, among 
Several portraits shown will be ones related to a previous collaboration 
Boyd had with Wood.  Andrew Lloyd Webber had commissioned the Rolling Stone,
who's a respected painter, to create a triptych bearing the likenesses of
50 celebrities, and Wood asked Pattie to photograph each of the notables for
him to work from in creating the massive mural.  The experience deepened
Pattie's portfolio and built her reputation as a portraitist.

    Currently, Pattie Boyd resides in the countryside near London.  She
remains friends with Clapton and other rock icons, and co-founded the 
SHARP (Self Help Addiction Recovery Programme) with Ringo Starr's wife 
Bach, but she avoids the limelight. When Pattie returns to San Francisco for 
the world
premiere of her work at SFAE on Valentine's Day, February 14, America can 
celebrate the
season of love with Pattie Boyd.

     For more information, log on to http://www.sfae.com

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