[Slowhand] RE: EC shake-up

Richard Batty richardtcbatty at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 29 23:00:29 EST 2004

Well Delta Nick,
I guess I just don't understand (and many Slowhanders who wrote to me privately don't either).  I first thought your post must be a joke to elicit a response from some of us.  It's funny because my first known exposure to EC was the opening Les Paul notes of All Your Love on Bluesbreakers and I still love that guitar tone, so we have that love of that EC work in common.  And I also wouldn't miss Wonderful if it disappeared from the set list.
I am not going to get into any more defense of EC.  I'll repeat what I have said in the past and that is that I personally am glad we have had the diversity and journey of EC's work when he could have died of a heroin or alcohol overdose years ago.  I love the various things he has done, some more than others.  I'm sorry if he leaves you so disappointed.
I hope you have a great New Year,

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