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Noah lets set the record straight...........I am a BIG fan of Jeff
Beck........he plays with feeling. A great many CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED
guitar players have great technique, but ZERO feeling.....(Satriani and
Vai come to mind)..........at least to me. That does not mean others
won't feel differently. The difference between us, however, is that I
RESPECT other's rights to their opinions and do not feel the need to
ATTACK THEM when it differs from mine.

Your argument in favor of Bloomfield is laughable...............would
you consider Alan Lomax or Robert Palmer great musicians? I'll bet they
could have done as good a job or better in selecting Blues acts for Bill
Graham, but that just means they, Bloomfield included, had good musical
taste and knowledge, it does not speak to any other musical ability.
Music is an interpretive art and I find some musicians approach music
from too technical a perspective than an emotional one. One of the great
things about Clapton is the emotion he brings to his music. As I said,
in my initial response, that's MY opinion......it is not gospel and I
surely welcome other viewpoints. You really need to grow up because if
this is how you respond to a difference of opinion about music, you have
a tough time ahead of you...........................T

Noah Seidenberg wrote:

> If you read anything about the history of rock and roll you will find

> that most people consider Roy Buchanan and Mike Bloomfield the cream

> of the crop in American music. Bill Graham had Mike Bloomfield pick

> the opening acts for his Fillmore concerts in the middle 60's. He

> suggested BB King, Muddy Waters, Otis Rush and others to play the

> Fillmore. Graham had not heard of these guys before he met Bloomfield

> but trusted him because he knew what a virtuoso he was. Bloomfield was

> a well known name and lead guitarist in Butterfield Blues band, they

> could have picked many other people to take that job but Bloomfield

> was so good it was hands down his position. He formed Electric Flag

> and it is a fact that the band "Chicago" really copied their style for

> horns and guitars, Mike Bloomfield thought up this idea. If you read

> interviews with Carlos Santana he says that Bloomy was one of his

> greatest influences, a true axe hero. Roy Buchanan was almost the lead

> guitar player for the Rolling Stones. The only reason he didn't take

> get the job (I forget if it was after Brian Jones or Mick Taylor) was

> because the Stones wanted an Englishman for that position. If you

> don't like Buchanan then I bet you don't like Jeff Beck either because

> their string bending style was similar.




> ToeKnee how is your statement any different then mine? Yours is pure

> opinion and you are a real hypocrite. You also have flat taste. I am

> surprised you even like EC? Are you one of those "Wonderful Tonight"

> lovers?


> Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and that fits you well T.




> Happy New Year,




> Noah




> "Noah......if we must compare, your statement was more ignorant than

> Steve's. Steve's was merely an OPINION (one with which I happen to

> agree). I never understood what it was about MB that had the music

> press creaming all over itself! I put him in the same category as Roy

> Buchanon - HUH? As much as I have listened to their recorded output, I

> cannot see what all the fuss is about, their music does not touch me

> in any way. In a way, I find it antiseptic....devoid of any feeling.


> But back to your response, Steve was not offering anything other than

> an OPINION. You chose to respond with your characterizations without

> so much as one shred of evidence to support your assertions which you

> present as "gospel truth". Sorry dude, if your argument had any merit

> you certainly did not do it justice with your "he is too a great

> guitar player, 'cause I say so" response........T"




"I told all four that there were going to be some times where we don't agree with each other. But that's OK. If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator."..... President-Elect - George W. Bush Meeting With Congressional Leaders December 18, 2000

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