[Slowhand] Re: Sirius Satellite gets my endorsement

sam mangano mangs88 at verizon.net
Fri Dec 30 09:42:06 EST 2005

Messageunfortunately, the EC, doors, zeppelin and many other artist-only channels, are now history.....

happy new year everyone!
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I get the XM radio on my computer through AOL. They do have an all Clapton station!!!! And, you can get it free from the AOL website.

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>>Subject: [Slowhand] Sirius Satellite gets my endorsement!!

after i hooked up my receiver (xmas present) today, the first song i heard on the classic vault station was Cream's "tales of brave ulysses", followed by SRV's "let me love you baby". for stones fans, channel 98 is all-stones programming, including album cuts, live tracks, interviews and rare tracks (anyone ever hear their country version of Honkey Tonk Women?). OUTSTANDING!! now patiently waiting for an all EC channel (ha ha)....
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