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Jerry Hughs/Cathy Burkett hughkett at san.rr.com
Tue Jan 3 15:15:44 EST 2006

He played Little Wing with Sheryl Crow and David Sanborn at the Crossroads Benefit concert.
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Hi Jerry,

Not since the 70's

If we include the 70's non D&D shows of course
You can add:
Tell the Truth
Little Wing
Roll it Over
Why Does Love Got to be so Sad?
Keep on Growing

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Hasn't he done Little Wing?

Eat A Peach For Peace

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Subject: [Slowhand] Derek Trucks plays Anyday

On The ABB and Derek Trucks list it was reported that the DtB played Anyday
with Derek's wife Susan Tedeschi joining in on vocals.

Reports were it was a fantastic rendition!

Could this be in the works when Derek playes with EC on tour????

Which gets me thinking....

What songs from the Layla album has Eric played on tour in the last 20

Any thing I missed???

Bell Bottom Blues
Key to the Highway
Blues Power
Have You Ever Loved a Woman
Nobody Knows You When you're down and out
***Got to get better in a little While Not on Layla but.... close!


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