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Mel Boss darmel at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jan 5 15:15:31 EST 2006

We had a ball last night watching/listening to Jay's 3-DVD video collection. What a treat! Thanks to Peter Gordon for taking the time, expense and trouble to send it to me and, of course, to Jay for the resourses he spent putting it all together.

Here a couple of things I thought worth mentioning and asking:
1. I initially had difficulty in viewing the DVDs. My 3-yr old player played only the first half of each disk and then hung and skipped. My computer burner did worse - garbbling the audio badly. I suspect that the difficulty lay in what I suspect was the PAL format. I solved the problem easily for $79.99 at (good old) Costco. A DVD/VCR combo "Go Video," a good (disposable) player. My former player was GoVideo also, and I experiened zero problems w/it in 3 yrs - it's just somewhat obsolete now.
2. Jay made need our help in the future rebuilding his collection after the Hurricane damage - lightening - to his computer.
3. Does anyone have a track listing (w/video source) of this collection? I have not found any cover art and want to put something together...
Mel Boss
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