[Slowhand] Re: EC's Memory

DeltaNick deltanick at comcast.net
Sun Jan 8 22:30:37 EST 2006

>> Could be something as simple as a faulty or sketchy memory. <<

>> It happens when you get to his age!! <<

Blah, blah, blah! Quit making excuses for the guy!

He's been doing this his whole career, so it ain't old age. Clapton's a
certified chameleon, well known since his Yardbirds days.

I am amazed at the intellectual contortions certain fans will go through in
order to make their favorite stars, Eric Clapton included, appear exactly
what they're not.

EC's simply a great guitarist and a pretty damn good singer. But he isn't a
god, and he's not the Dalai Lama or a saint. He's a mortal human with an
agenda, which he hopes results in people buying his product.

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