[Slowhand] Re: EC's memories

Olli Oksala ollio at mbnet.fi
Mon Jan 9 01:45:45 EST 2006

Hi all,

DN wrote: ""I am amazed at the intellectual contortions certain fans will go
through in order to make their favorite stars, Eric Clapton included, appear
exactly what they're not.""

Yes, sure!
And I'm amazed at the intellectual contortations certain non-fans or "former
fans" will go through to make certain musicians, Eric Clapton included,
bad. :)

Well, Clapton himself has confirmed, that large areas of his memory have been
erased due to substance abuse. For instance,he always gets the years totally
wrong, when talking about his past.
Could be, that he just isn't so much interested in his past as some of his
former fans??

Anyway, the book he's preparing will be certainly interesting: Maybe the


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