[Slowhand] tour dates in Italy

LIABARTOLOMEI liabar at tin.it
Mon Jan 9 16:34:20 EST 2006

Dear Slowhanders,
I'm from Lucca Italy, Last Summer I was told by an organizer of our rock Summer festival (dalessandro&galli)
that Eric had come to town to see the stage and check the acoustic quality of the concerts.
I really thought he was mocking me..
Well, yesterday a close friend of mine assured me people hired to be memebers of the assistance and security staff during next Lucca rock summer festival edition know for sure Eric will be playing in Lucca and in another Italian town (if it is the same organization the town is likely to be Brescia in the North of Italy which also has a similar rock festival held by the same impresarios).
Neither where'seric nor slowhand magazine has mentioned such dates....
Are there any Italian slowhanders who might give more precise news about it as I have been waiitng for 5 years to hear Clapton again... and I'm fibrillating at the mere idea of having him right on the threshold!
thank you very much

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