[Slowhand] date question - ARMS S.F. 1983

James Fox jbm90501 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 11 16:32:02 EST 2006

Recently somebody viewed the DVD of the ARMS San
Francisco 1983 performance & had these comments about
the date listed:

"I think the date is December 3rd (not 2nd). I have
a bootleg CD from the Dec. 2 show and there are a
couple of relevant differences. For instance at the
beginning Clapton is introduced as "Mr. EC" on the CD
and as "the great EC" on the DVD.
Also note that Ronnie Lane says "it's Saturday night"
before starting his song on the DVD which indicates
Dec. 3. (no such remark on the CD). "

I don't have the CD. Can anybody offer comments
about whether the DVD,
, could be from Dec 3 ?


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