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>> In 1967 and 1968 the venue may simply have been "The Fillmore" as the

>> "Fillmore East" didn't exist yet. I have a Cream boot from both '67 and

>> '68 that were recorded at The Fillmore. Bob Enfield <<


The first show at NY's Fillmore East was 8 March 1968, after which weekly
performances (2 shows each Friday and Saturday, special shows on holidays
and Sundays) were the norm. Last show was 27 June 1971. Check out this web
site: http://www.fillmore-east.com/showlist.html. I attended a number of the
shows during the 1968-1970 period.

For several short months prior to the opening of the Fillmore East, there
were shows at the Anderson Theater (probably late 1967 or very early 1968
until the Fillmore East opened), around the corner. I attended one or two
shows at the Anderson, but there was no control, as ticketless "illegals"
entered, in full view of the management, and they were thoroughly unable to
gain control of the situation, as Bill Graham did at the Fillmore East. At
one show, we couldn't sit in our seats, clearly indicated on our tickets.
However, when your ticket said that you were to sit in A17 at the Fillmore
East, you actually sat in A17. Bill Graham knew how to manage the place, and
there wasn't a bad seat in the house, both visually and sonically.

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