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When I first shared this Vol. One 3 DVD set, there was a part of me that didn't want to immediately supply the song list. I guess I wanted to inject the element of surprise and perhaps induce people to "actually watch it" as opposed to reviewing a track list and then just skipping around. lol....anyway, thats why I did not immediately produce artwork for this within my pet program Photoshop. But I regret not doing the artwork later on. I was planning a special design, but too many things happened along the way. Thanks to all who supplied their efforts in providing this finally.

Also, I took a lot of time planning transitions etc. and was trying to create some kind of flow with thoughtful song selection in my own "amateurish" way, that is sometimes missing in commerical releases. I suceeded in pleasing my own tastes to a certain extent. I'm happy to understand that a few of you Slowhanders out there liked it as well. To me it was just to create something that I could sit back and relax and watch. It actually was inspired by trying to give something back to Mark Deavult for his great friendship and generosity. This is why you see Geetarz Production. If he had liked it and wanted to list it on his website, I wanted to remain anonymous and have it come from The Almighty One. As it turned out, Mark DOES NOT like compilations and he politely dismissed the set and explained to me why.....lol....and I undertood exactly why he feels that way. After this is when I shared it with others.

Yeah, I did put multiple versions of a few songs, but I did so because they are different versions from different band configurations. Each has their own distinct character. I never compare the different versions against each other. To me, its just very basic. If I like the song/version, then I just do. One of the things that REALLY grabs me about Eric, is his soloing and he has a knack for playing stunning solos. If just doesn't bother me if those solos happen to occur within different versions of the same song.

Take While My Guitar Gently Weeps......to me, the Prince's Trust version with Mr. George Harrison is incredibly special and that version from The Concert for George is just plain essential. I LOVE both versions alot !!!

The Vol. 2 track list was setup 5-6 months ago. There are repeats of songs from Vol. 1, but I included them because of the great guitar playing and musicianship and delivery of those particular performances.

Also, sorry for the use of the goofy word "Hooray" in my last post...lol....I wanted that one back after I sent it...lol
I just sincerely miss my bud Mark...


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