[Slowhand] Desert Island Eric

Ken Norris Ken_Norris at umit.maine.edu
Wed Jan 18 12:39:45 EST 2006

This morning I was thinking about which 5 EC bootlegs I consider to be absolutely indispensable. I decided upon the

1. Orchestra Night
2. Club Full of Blues
3. Play With Fire Revisited
4. Double Image
5. Double Trouble in Tokyo

Orchestra Night always was (and is) a revelation. When it works--wow. And of course there's the Concerto.

Club Full of Blues is EC playing the blues on a night when he is really ON.

Play With Fire Revisited is perhaps the best live pop/rock album ever recorded.

Double Image is an interesting documenting of the Pilgrim tour, with and without orchestra. I especially like the
Earl's Court set.

Double Trouble in Tokyo is the last night at the Budokan in 95. What a great version of Double Trouble, but the set has
all of the looseness of the last night of a two month tour. Some great playing.


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