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Here's an article that may answer your question. I'll be getting my copy
of the album (which includes "Slogans" next Friday, when my daughter
returns from Canada. She picked it up there during December 2005.

Also, besides Eric there are other guitarists, but without hearing the
number, I'll reserve my comments.


New Bob Marley Song featuring Eric Clapton to be Released in November

24 September 2005: Where's ERIC <http://www.ericclaptonportal.com/>

Previously unknown recordings by reggae legend Bob Marley were found in
2004 by his son, Ziggy, on a tape in the family's archives. The tape is
believed to have been recorded in Miami, Florida in 1979.

An acoustic demo, entitled "Slogan", has been overdubbed with additional
instrumentation to complete it. It features Eric Clapton on guitar. This
method was used successfully by Paul McCartney, George Harrison and
Ringo Starr in the late 1990s to transform John Lennon's demos of "Free
as a Bird" and "Real Love" into complete Beatles songs.

Marley's "Slogan" will be released as a single and on the CD compilation
"Africa Unite: The Singles Collection" in November 2005.

There could also be more unreleased material on the way, with sources
saying that the long-lost tape contains 'six or seven' other previously
unheard Marley songs. Titles are believed to include "Jailbreaker'",
"Vexation", "Jump Them Out of Babylon" and "Pray for Me".


From: Pat Toth [mailto:iampigpen at comcast.net]

I asked this question ... Is that EC playing on the new release of Bob
Marley's "Slogan"?

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