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> Gini wrote:


> "Hello everyone,

> Why is it that a few posts from the Nov. 25 SD keep showing up on

> all the recent digests??? Does someone think it is funny or something to

> keep ragging on what Delta Nick had commented about EC's guitar tone?

> And for the record, I happen to agree with DN on that whole matter.

> Maybe it is those who have never played a single note on a guitar (or

> any instrument as far as that goes) who just don't get what Delta

> Nick had been talking about. But this whole thing of the

> constant reprinting of these posts from 11/25 is getting old. It reminds

> me in a way of the movie "Groundhog Day". <LOL>"



> Woff wrote:

I have not been receiving these.



Woff, I'm with you on this. Seems kinda strange.................I'm not
getting that Digest either............

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