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It's not so much that I like "Back Home," but rather that it grows tiresome to hear people express their opinions as fact. "It sucks" is one's not-so-humble opinion. Looking at this album in another way, I find it flattering that an artist would make his life such an "open book" to the world. We always seems to know what's up with Eric Clapton's state of mind by the "tone" of his latest album, and I, for one, find this quality endearing.

Congratulations to Eric in receiving recognition for a well-recorded work.

Personally, as I stated before, I would love to hear him do a knock-down R&R album next - after the JJCale collaboration. I would also like to hear him do a collaboration with Mark Knopfler, whose lyrics, I nthink, rival Dylan's. Speaking of Dylan - some of EC's best covers have been Dylan's, and I'd love to hear him do an album dedicated to this end.

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>..translation: the music sucks but the turd "sounded" good! hahaha that's

>the ultimate award for that album in that it's only re-deeming quality was

>how polished it sounded!

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