[Slowhand] sirius clapton/buddy guy info

sam mangano mangs88 at verizon.net
Fri Feb 10 19:11:13 EST 2006

ever since i saved EC and Cream as favorite artists, i see they play a lot of EC's music from his entire career on about 5 different sirius satellite stations. unfortunately, there is usually a 40% chance that the song is "wonderful tonite"!! SWLABR has been on quite a lot, and some gems like live versions of "further on up the road" and "eyesight to the blind" are cool to hear coming out of nowhere during the day over my radio.

on a side note, if you have kids and are looking for a great alternative to Barney and Sesame Street, there is a great new musical kids show with puppets called "Jack's Big Music Show" on the Noggin Network. Buddy Guy is appearing in the last 5 minutes of the new episode called "King of Swing". The main character Jack, the king's biggest fan, wins a contest where the King of Swing will come to his house and Jack has to get the place ready for him. It reminded me of a few of us fanatics on this list if EC would ever come over their house!!

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