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ollio ollio at mbnet.fi
Sat Feb 11 02:48:40 EST 2006

Hi all,
I liked Back Home from the first day I heard it and it has become a big favorite on my playlist. It's a very happy pop album with great pop songs, but of course there's a couple of too schmaltzy pieces, that I tend to fast forward :). Well, there's been those fast forwardable songs on every record I have heard from Clapton or his bands.

Back Home makes me feel happy and well and as I myself have grown older, I'm more content and some of the angst-ridden music I used to listen to for decades sounds corny these days. Back Home is a bit lush-produced for my tastes, but that's just the sound; It has become for me one of the most played Clapton record ever.
Really waiting for theClapton / J.J. Cale -record as I'm a big fan of J.J., too.

Just my opinion, but then it's just as worthwhile as anybody's "thruth" about music.

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