[Slowhand] Clapton / Doctor Who - Eerie Coincidences!!

Greg C temporalorbit at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 14 14:46:41 EST 2006

Well, we've all heard the comparisons between Lincoln and Kennedy....

Now for all of you EC fans that are also DW fans...

Here it is... The Eric Clapton / Doctor Who Coincidences!!

1.) DW is filmed in England - EC is also from England
2.) The 2nd Doctor played the recorder - EC plays the guitar
3.) Christopher Eccleston wears the same outfit EC did in his '97 Hyde Park
4.) The Doctor's current companion is Rose - Clapton's daughter's name is
5.) In the Cream video "Strange Brew" Clapton actually looks like Tom Baker
6.) Both Tom Baker and Colin Baker played the Doctor - Clapton played with
Ginger Baker
7.) The Doctor travels around in a London Police Box - Clapton did a duet
with Sting who played in
a band called "The Police".

O.K., o.k, this was pretty dumb. I just thought I'd ad some well-deserved
levity to the Digest.

Errrrr..... Uhhhhh.... Feel free to laugh now.

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