[Slowhand] Re: Delaney Bramletts mix of Eric's 1st album

Art Arias artaarias at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 15 15:16:28 EST 2006

Shanahan said:

>> Of course the key to this whole re-issue is the

"Deluxe", which wasn't
mentioned in your original post. <<

Please re-read my original post below from Vol 7 Issue

I noticed in the latest issue of ICE magazines "from
the vaults" section a release date of Feb. 28 from
'Eric Clapton - Eric Clapton (Polydor)'. No other
information with it and it got me thinking, could this
be a Deluxe Edition of his 1970 first solo album with
possibly some or all of the Delaney mix included?
Hopefully they'll add some unreleased tunes in there
also. Anybody hear anything else about this?

I think I did mention the Deluxe Edition as you can

Art Arias

P.S. I also went to the link for Wolfgangs Vault Radio
given here recently but my workplace has filters that
restrict you from streaming audio off the net. BOO!!!
Was hoping I could hear something like the Sunshine
version DeltaNick described. Bummer.

P.S.S. Who's Doctor Who?!?

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