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crocketo at tele2adsl.dk crocketo at tele2adsl.dk
Thu Feb 16 01:49:08 EST 2006


I think it would be a great idea to try to preserve at
least some AG's site. So I think Steve Procters proposal
is excellent. We could make a section at the ClaptonBoots
yahoo group and structure all the scans in a similar way
as AG has (ie. structured by decade). It'll take some to
get all the scans organized but I'm sure so many Digesters
are willing to help preserve this valuable information. I
know I will!

How about AG's reviews/notes of the different shows,
shouldn't these be preserved too? I find them very useful
and always check geetarz.org before trading/downloading.
Just to see what to expect.

Btw. Domain registrations are usually paid a year in
advance (at least as far as I Know)

Any ideas or suggestions?

/Kristian (Denmark)

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