[Slowhand] Don't Know Why

Kevin Wilson kevin.wilson at arivia.co.za
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Somewhere from 19 to 22 Feb 1970 is correct for Fillmore West.

Strangely, I was thinking today (after reading article on the "Eric
Clapton Deluxe Edition" release) about "Don't Know Why" and how intense
it is vocally and how it should be revived for the upcoming tour. And I
wanted to pop something to the Digest and whammo there e-mail appears.




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Hi guys.

After the last few days accounts of music on the Vault Radio - I had to
give it a try. I'm three songs in as I write this, my first time
listening to the station. I've always loved the song Don't Know Why from
Eric Clapton, and there just was a live version with Delaney & Bonnie
from Fillmore West on! I decided to enjoy it instead of doing a panicy
recording of it, so:

Did anyone out there manage to catch it on "tape" from other times it
was aired? I would love a copy!

BTW the date was 12/29/70 and supposed to be one of D & B's last shows
there. But that must be '69 instead of '70 right?

Kind regards, Brian Tronsgaard.

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