[Slowhand] Calling all Tomb Raiders

John Mills turbineltd at btconnect.com
Thu Feb 16 12:23:39 EST 2006

Anyone who makes a web site available to the public is implicitly granting
permission to plagiarise.

The simplest solution to ensure the site's longevity is for us to pay the
bills. Now that we know the Domain administrator, it should be possible to
'donate' to that organisation sufficient funds to keep the good ship
Almighty Geetarz afloat. If AG wishes to kill the site, he can, but at least
it wouldn't die out of apathy. What say you?

Geetarz has become the de facto reference for Clapton material on DIME;
probably due to members from this list.

Yes, I am guilty of spreading rumours of outrageous but plausible scenarios
to explain AG's absence. I did it to provoke reaction, especially from the
man himself; sadly, to no avail.


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