[Slowhand] Geetarz Website

Jim & Linda Kelley lucky2000 at mchsi.com
Thu Feb 16 21:02:41 EST 2006

It seems the entire www.geetarz.org <http://www.geetarz.org/> can be saved
for offline viewing, using a utility program called "BlackWidow".

The entire site uses approximately 1.92 Gb, contains 16,342 files in 29
folders, and takes about 3 hours to download using a Cable connection to the

As best I could tell, the last file updated on that entire site was on June
5th, 2005.

My personal hunch is that Mark got so ticked off at "Poor Quality" traders
that he has temporarily slipped off the deep end as a way of not "aiding and
abetting" those who would not comply with HIS standards. Just a hunch...

Boy that site sure has a lot of interesting links to chase down when you
have nothing better to do!!


Jim K

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