[Slowhand] Re: Eric Clapton and the Delaney mix

ToeKneeF slowhandnj at comcast.net
Fri Feb 17 09:02:36 EST 2006

All this talk of the "Deluxe" reissue of Eric Clapton reminds me of what
happened when the album, yes, album, first came out. I dutifully bought
the album when it was released and liked it so much that I also bought
the 8 track tape to play in my car. Not long afterwards a friend was
riding in my car and asked where I had gotten my tape because it sounded
awful! I told him he must have a tin ear 'cause it sounded just like the
album. He said, "No way, where are the horns!" I had to ask him what
kind of funny pills had he been taking (and not sharing) since there
were no horns up front in the mix.

He stated that his album had horns up front and more prevalent in the
mix. We made a quick detour to his house to listen to the album, and low
and behold the mix was different. He belonged to a record club at the
time and they had sent out the "Delaney" mix of the album. A quick
canvassing of our friends showed that some had the "official" mix while
others had the "alternate" mix, later identified as the "Delaney" mix.
Funny thing though, those that first heard the "Delaney" mix preferred
it to the "official" mix and vice-versa!!

P.S. This same record club also sent out the famous Beatles "Butcher
Block" cover with the revised cover pasted over it. When Howie got his
copy, the edge was curling and a portion of the Butcher block cover was
visible. He delicately peeled of the "official" cover and was the proud
owner of a "Butcher Block" edition. We later found out that record clubs
would get early pressings and that is why albums that had late changes
sometimes slipped out in original form.....................T

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