[Slowhand] Re: I Don't Know Why-Wrong Date?

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Sat Feb 18 09:47:13 EST 2006

We have an enigma wrapped in a conundrum!! Since most data seems to
indicate that EC was touring with Derek and The Dominos most of December
'70, and his last "official" show with D&B was February of '70, could
this have been a previously undocumented one-of-a-kind guest appearance??

DeltaNick wrote:

> >> The Bill Graham database does indeed list a Delaney & Bonnie show

> 12/28 & 29/70, but not December of '69. <<


> Yes, but Clapton had left them and formed Derek And The Dominoes

> months earlier! D&D's first performance was in June 1970. Clapton's

> last performance with D&B was March 1970.


> So, the date has to be wrong.


> DeltaNick

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