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Jon Maclean Jon.Maclean at lands.nsw.gov.au
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I'm glad you mentioned that Tone. My sister (who isn't a particular fan
of Clapton) somehow chanced upon a copy of an Italian pressing of the
first album in the mid-70s, which had tracks 3 and 9 inverted. I'd
always wondered how that came to be. Years later when I remembered she'd
had that LP I went looking for it, but sadly she'd long since lost it at
a party or something.
Would have been a nice collectable.


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Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2006 10:48:12 +1100
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Subject: [Slowhand] Variations on the first album
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ToeKneeF's recollections of buying the first album, took me back to when
dutifully bought it when it first came out here in OZ. I took it home,
cranked the volume and then, 1.50 into Slunky the volume in one of the
channels dropped to about 20%, and stayed like that for the rest of the
album. Which of course meant that you had to swing the balance to
almost 25
past to have the channels equal which resulted in very limited volume.
on the initial pressings, I've Told You For The Last Time was track 3,
Lonesome And A Long Way From Home was track 9. Years later when they
the channel problem they also fixed the track order. Curiouser and


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