[Slowhand] Wolfgang's Vault

bluesman13 bluesman13 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 20 09:38:41 EST 2006

>>You can also hear audio from some of the concerts

that haven't been heard in 30-40 years. <<

As many of you know, Bill Graham was a huge proponent
of unknown great blues artists. On a night where Jimi
Hendrix would headline, Albert King would open the
show. The mostly white audience was unaware of the
lineage that existed between Hendrix and King (i.e.
Hendrix was highly influenced by King), but Graham was
adamant about giving these artists the exposure they

I've got a clip of Albert King playing at the Fillmore
that is unbelievable. I can only assume that in
Grahams' archives there is more of some of the greats
who don't have alot of footage available (such as
Albert King). I hope that some of this footage gets
released - although with all the record companies
wanting to get their hands in the pot, it may be a
long time.

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