[Slowhand] Baby's first words "layla" - EC related humor

sam mangano mangs88 at verizon.net
Tue Feb 21 23:28:43 EST 2006

great stuff! as for my twins, it helped that i made a mix tape of half EC/half rolling stones and put earphones on mama's belly during the pregnancy, as well as using the same tape at times when we put them down for the nite during the first year....
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My daughter who is 4 right now is already a firm claptopn "fan" her name is Cheryl Layla and when she was two she new the lyrics to hoochie coochie man, at least the last word from every sentence
So i sang "gipsy woman told my" and she would sing "mother" right now her fav. clapton song is Tulsa time. another funny thing at least to me is that when she hears a blues she starts bobbing her head to the rithme and when she hears a boogiewoogie she starts to dance and move her feet.
My girlfriend as repeatedly accused me of brainwashing.....i call it educating ;o)))


The Netherlands
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My first great moment was when my boy, then 4, played his first Air Guitar - brought a tear to this old rocker's eyes.
And later on last year, now he's 8 , I compiled his first CD for him- all his choices. As well as a smattering of current stuff 'Crazy frog' 'Maroon 5' there was 'Layla' as well as a couple of Chuck Berry songs. So there is hope for the next generation!!

Any other Slowhand 'First moments'??

Duncan McKie

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I am happy to report that after mastering Da-Da and Dog, my 11th month old has mastered...."Layla." Much to the chagrin of my wife, my son can now utter the name of our black Labrador (Layla). Next up will be teaching him to say Layla when ever the song comes on the stereo.

Sorry for the minimal EC related content, but I thought all you parents out there would get a kick out of this.


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