[Slowhand] WEED OPEN: AG's Web Site On-A-Disk + more

John Mills turbineltd at btconnect.com
Wed Feb 22 05:54:25 EST 2006

Okay, sorry if this went off at half-cock. I've received several requests
for this, but since I hadn't finalised the content, I was reluctant to make
a formal offer. Furthermore, I wanted the members' tacit permission.

The DVD contains the following five web-site resources:
[1] Geetarz
[2] Eric Clapton Bootography
[3] Slowhand Tourography
[4] Slowhand Archive
[5] Graeme Pattingale - Cream + Remasters

The DVD contains a customised web-browser, which auto-runs and has
individual launch buttons for each of the above items. The idea is to
provide a self-contained entity; of course this is a Windows-only feature;
Users on non-windows platforms will need their native browser, which can
utilise "index.html", in the root directory.

Speed - The Slowhand Tourography and Archive are database-driven and
generate requested pages upon demand. This capture has resolved all the
possibilities and thus offers the fastest access, at the expense of size.

I used the HTTrack Website Copier to capture these sites and I have included
the installation executable on the disk.
I have also included the mirroring configuration files, allowing incremental
updates; however, this will require copying the disks' contents to your
hard-disk, before an update and creating a new DVD if so required.
Please be aware that this operation will impose a considerable load on the
specific site's resources and should NOT be conducted unnecessarily.

Links external to the chosen site will force a web retrieval.
Broken Links are preserved ;~)
The Slowhand Archive has corrupted files for 2003 & 2005; however, I have
saved the GZips, which contain the full entries. I also stole the equivalent
files from Gerd Klassen's site, (http://www.12bar.de), which I find are more
readable. These zip-files are contained in "\My Web Sites\ The Slowhand
Archives\Zipped Archive".

I am offering five copies of this DVD-R; four to parties with burners, who
promise to re-weed and one to a non-burner.
Please respond off-list, with your solemn promise and postal details.
Priority will be given to those that have already contacted me.


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