[Slowhand] Re: Website compilation

Gerd Klaassen mail at klaweb.de
Thu Feb 23 02:13:38 EST 2006

JR wrote: "I just know if it were me, I would definately be having mixed
emotions about having my hard work "taken" and distributed without my
K S wrote: "I definitely agree with JR. His website is there for us to
use and enjoy - distributing a dvd feels very different."

I agree, too. Maybe it's OK to archive it if the site gets offline one
day, but to download and spread the work of other people is another
story. I'd be angry if someone does this with *my* website, because
it's *my* work, I want to have the control over it and it's updated
often, so outdated material it spread. I think Mark will not be pleased
to hear this about his site. I know how much work it is to build it up.

I often find websites of people, who use my page content, sometimes
even without any modification, to get money from pop-up ads, Google ad
and so on, and I always react quite harsh. If this DVD gets into wrong
hands, this may happen, too.

BTW, I changed my host and offer a discussion forum since about a month,
focused on playing Blues guitar, I also started a Blues guitar contest,
just for fun.

Keep on playing,

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