[Slowhand] DVD Offer

Joe Toomey joetoomey at eircom.net
Fri Feb 24 17:22:29 EST 2006

Sincere apologies for my tardiness in re-offering the 3 DVD set here,
better late than never. Thanks to the generosity of Paul Stewart I can
send copies on to the first 5 who respond off digest with addresses etc.
I won't specify burner or otherwise, it's up to you.

BTW I'm reasonably well know as a cynical f***er by my friends & family
however I have to say I am constantly amazed & impressed & indeed a
little humbled by the kindness & generosity of spirit regularly on
display here, perhaps with the exception of name calling that seems to
break out every so often. - leave DN alone :)

Keep well

Joe Toomey

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