[Slowhand] More Cream reunions?

Steve Proctor drpr at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 25 01:33:29 EST 2006

> anyone else read what I read about Cream

> possible doing a few more US dates, Jack

> Bruce made the statement at the Grammys ?

> I don't recall seeing any banter here about it

> so maybe I was dreaming

Chris, you're right. There was no banter on this subject and there should have been. You weren't dreaming - but I'm afraid Jack Bruce was. I can't see Clapton agreeing to do another Cream show.

The New York shows, particularly Tuesday's show, were great. But compared to London, Clapton showed a profound lack of enthusiasm. He cringed when Jack said something overly patronizing to the audience. At one point, Eric seemed to say something negative to Jack. But mostly, Clapton just stood there and played, ignoring his bandmates. Just like the old days. "And Wednesday's even worse" - that day, Clapton seemed like he couldn't wait to fulfill his obligations and get out of there.

I fully expect to get creamed for my comments. But "before you accuse me," compare the commercially available Cream reunion DVD with the video of the New York shows. The enthusiasm in London is clear as evidenced by the band members' frequent recognition of each other at the end of songs, Clapton's hyperactive left leg and his frequent smiles.

For the final New York show, the band didn't even seem to care about what they wore. Clapton wore the same T shirt he had worn the night before. And Jack wore a shirt with the inscription "WHO THE F*** NEEDS..." Sorry, I can't make out the last word(s). Check out http://home.earthlink.net/~freshcream/images/2005_1026_213338AB.JPG

Let the flames begin!
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