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Wed Mar 1 14:55:44 EST 2006

I don't mind that there will be a good deal of guitar-talent along side Eric Clapton on the upcoming tour with Doyle Bramhall II, Derek Trucks and, hopefully, Robert Cray (for at least an encore or two). There will be opportunity to take it easy and times when Eric will be "pushed" and challenged. After all, he is the "boss."
I am more concerned about some of the other band members. Tim Carmon played keyboards for the Pilgrim Tour, and his 'over the top' solos were too much at times, but it was obvious from EC's reactions to those solos that he was diggin' it - and he is, after all, the boss.
Then there are the two background vocalists from the RJ Tour of 2004: Michelle John and Sharon White. As long as I didn't have to watch them, I thought that they sounded "okay," (but they couldn't compare to Tessa and Katie), but they were "okay." Their appearance and their their manner of dress was nothing short of embarrassing, as many slowhanders commented. "Chubby little girls" in tight, abbreviated blouses showed a distinct lack of class. It was like their wardrobe consultant was Aretha Franklin (Aretha dresses much better now, but remember how she looked in the 70's and 80's?)... Tessa and Katie looked GOOD, dressed well most of the time and were always fun to watch!
The aforementioned comments are my opinions, of course, and have about zero weight in the great scheme of things, but I'm feeling a little cranky today...
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