[Slowhand] Upcoming Tour line-up - a thought

Duncan McKie Duncan.McKie at infinity.co.nz
Wed Mar 1 17:49:05 EST 2006

With the announcement of the triple guitar line up it's all looking good
for the Tour.

A thing with some 'Classic Rock' bands lately has been to tour and play
albums in their entirety .For instance Cure played Faith and Prngraphy
right thru, Jethro Tull are touring , playing Aqualung.
It's probably beyond the realms of hope, but wouldn't it be great for
Eric and band to play the Layla Album straight thru?
No weak songs, Some hits, lot's of chances to stretch out and even time
for a few hits as Encores - although 'Thorn Tree' would easily replace
'Over The rainbow' as a closing number.

Even better would be for Eric to bring the Tour down Under. We are
actually getting the Stones here in April!

Duncan McKie
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