[Slowhand] Re-2006 Tour Band

Trevor trevork1 at iinet.net.au
Thu Mar 2 06:13:10 EST 2006

Hey, the musicians announced for this tour are an outstanding line up. Who would not want to see them if they were close to home. There's no argument from me about that. Derek and Doyall have so much to give. The addition of Robert Cray and his band as an opening act really make these concerts even more exciting. Maybe somewhat like Robert Randolf in 2004 where he and his band were awesome.I have tickets for at least two of the shows at the R.A.H but I will be decididly p***** off if I get there in London after travelling 12,000 miles and 24 hours to find that Eric, who, I gotta say I have followed around the world in the last few years makes this a "Back Home" concert. Please don't do this to me! And hey Eric....you are not doing yourself or your fans any favours with the choice of back up singers. Listen to the fans who have supported you. Do you really care?.....I would like to think so. REALLY do!

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