[Slowhand] Re: Continual Complaining

weedweed@tiscali.fr weedweed at tiscali.fr
Mon Mar 6 12:06:59 EST 2006


Well, to be honest the first time I saw the backup singer I
was surprised - but who would be not?
I think I had a normal reaction after being used with Tessa
and Katie look.

OK their look is just noticable as by the past when we
remarked the nights EC was wearing an Armani suit or not.
We are human, we have not only ears but eyes also.

But after a few minutes all this was gone, I was there for
the music and the real question was : are they good singers
or not?

Well I liked their job and IMO were great on HCM.

Regarding the addition of Derek, I don't fear this will
crowd the guitar section. I am not fond of Eric being alone
on guitar and I have no doubt that he will remain the
highlight even with two others backing him.

Now the question is more about the sound tech capabilities
to give us a good mix...



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