[Slowhand] Re: Dominoes tunes & Band for the Coming Tour

Carey Bird cbird at iinet.net.au
Wed Mar 8 03:51:54 EST 2006

Hmmm, Anyday and Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad... Interesting choices...
While not an anally retentive Clapton scholar, I cant think of many versions
of those two on boots outside of the Dominoes era. So I'd love to hear these
as well, but recent form suggests that if any other Dominoes tunes do make
an appearance it is more likely to be Bell Bottom Blues and/or Nobody Loves
You When Your Down and Out.

As for the band:

I'm entirely neutral about the Gadd/East substitution. I dont know much
about the Jordan/Weeks combo so I'm looking forward to see how the sound
changes (wasn't it Steve Jordan who played with Neil Young on the Saturday
Night Live rendition of Rockin in the Free World?).

And regarding the addition of Derek Trucks: Bring it on !!! Trucks is a
great guitarist. If allowed to, the combination of Trucks and Bramhall has
the potential to push Clapton in a way that he wont have been pushed since
Duane Allman accompanied him on a certain album that many of us know and
love... But the operative words are "If allowed to".

Horns? Great - loved their contribution to Live at Hyde Park.

Backing singers? Couldn't really care what they look/dress like. Yes, I
miss Katie & Tessa, but the new girls sound good as well.

The bad news, of course, is that I haven't heard mention of a harp player.
You know its going to be a GREAT tour/performance when Portnoy is on board.

The even worse news is that there has been no mention of down-under dates...

Regards from Oz

Carey Bird

> Which really is the whole point of this tour.....what will Eric play?


> My guess is 4 Dominos tunes. Layla, Anyday, Key to the Highway, Why Does

> Love Got To Be So Sad.

> The good thing is that the girls can hit the high notes on those songs

> that

> Eric can't reach or Bobby Whilock did on the album.




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