[Slowhand] 3 DVD Set + Bonus DVD's

Michael Sawin msawin at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 10 19:23:01 EST 2006

Well...there was a nice response to my recent offer on the 3 DVD Geetarz
set. I decided that everyone who replied would get a set, so in the near
future the following people will be getting a little package in the post.

Rene in Denmark; Richie in NY; Oliver in Paris; Wesley in Oregon; Mark in
Gloucestershire; Greg in CA; Siro in Spain; Sam in Ohio: Kathleen in Texas;
Hubert in S.Australia; Trevor in W.Australia; Steven in NY; Mal in Scotland.
I also offered to send the Ian Botham Fishing and Disraeli Gears Classic
Album TV programmes. Seeing as the Classic Album prog will be released
shortly in even longer format, I have substituted that for a DVD with rare
private footage from the 70's at various venues. Enjoy-and do share.


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