[Slowhand] Anyday by ABB at the Beacon!

Scott Wallenberg scottw at racerxill.com
Sun Mar 12 15:29:54 EST 2006

>From a review on the ABB list.................

......only, the set isn't over. Susan Tedeschi comes out center stage, and
the band kicks into "Anyday," the Clapton song. Oteil is singing the =
lead vocal, with Susan providing harmonies on the verse, Warren and Marc =
joining on the chorus. The vocals are outstanding; Oteil is totally =
nailing the song, and Susan is bringing soul and grit even as she =
provides the feminine. Susan offers a vocal response to Oteil's =
singing; she's feeling it, they all are, and the whole thing is just =
insanely great. Finally Warren takes a solo, dangerous, nasty; you were =
sure it would be Derek, but no, Warren just lays it bare, full, =
forceful, inevitable, he's coming at you in waves, pure heavy hard =
stuff. It isn't music; it is food. After the final verse, Derek takes =
flight, his playing brilliant, sunny, and somehow exactly the opposite =
of Warren's, the perfect counterpoint. The song is HUGE. Derek's solo =
provides a culmination, as it grabs you in your happy place and shakes =
you to the bone. Then they put the song gently to bed. NOW its =
intermission. You're just a little bit awed.

Josh Chasen


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