[Slowhand] Looking to trade a London 2005 Cream Program for the NYC Oct. 2005 edition

John Walasko jwalasko at telus.net
Sun Mar 12 19:04:57 EST 2006


I have an extra copy of the Cream tour program that I purchased at
the Albert Hall in May 2005. I'd like to trade it for a copy of the
edition sold at the Madison Square Garden shows last October. I know
that the two versions are 90% identical - but I'm a Cream fanatic and
simply would like to get the NYC version for my collection. My first
preference is to trade with a Canadian or American to avoid huge
postage costs - but otherwise I will correspond with anyone...

The copy of the RAH program I'm offering is in mint condition (and
I'm looking to trade for the same).

Please contact me off-list at

jwalasko at telus.net


Vancouver BC

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