[Slowhand] FW: Update: Ijahman: Are We a Warrior + I Haile Hymn

Kevin Wilson kevin.wilson at arivia.co.za
Mon Mar 13 14:16:59 EST 2006

Herewith an update on this obscure possible Clapton session from December 1977 (note that Eric is not credited):

Studio Recording for Ijahman
December 1977: Joe Gibbs Studio, London: ENGLAND

1.    Jah Heavy Load [Ijahman Levi]

2.    Jah Is No Secret [Ijahman Levi]

3.    Zion Hut [Ijahman Levi]

4.    I'm a Levi [Ijahman Levi]

5.    Are We a Warrior [T. Sutherland]

6.    Moulding [T. Sutherland]

7.    The Church [T. Sutherland]

8.    Miss Beverly [T. Sutherland]

9.    Two Sides of Love [T. Sutherland]

Contributing Musicians (Track 1 - 9)
          Ijahman - Rhythm, Acoustic Guitars & Vocals
          Joni - Lead Guitar
          Bo Pe - Lead Guitar
          Willie Lindo - Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars
          Earl 'Chinna' Smith - Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars
          Del Richardson (Osibisa) - Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars
          Geoffrey Chung - Rhythm, Acoustic Guitars & Organ
          Steve Winwood - Organ
          Earl 'Wire' Lindo - Organ
          Errol 'Tarzan' Nelson - Piano
          Robert Lyn - Piano
          Ossie Hibbert - Piano
          Val Douglas - Bass
          Robbie Shakespeare - Bass
          Lloyd Parks - Bass
          Micky Richards - Drums
          Sly Dunbar - Drums
          Bobby Ellis - Trumpet
          Herman Marquis - Alto Sax
          Richard 'Dirty Harry' Hall - Tenor Sax
          Eddie Blair - Flugel Horn
          Jack Bucks - French Horn
          Adrian Brett - Alto Flute & Recorder
          Alan Beever - Alto Flute
          Hi Ho Silver and the Sons of Negus and Groco - Percussion
          Horn arrangements by Harry Robinson, Geoffrey Chung & Ijahman

* Eric definitely laid down some guitar parts alongside Steve Winwood's keyboards, but it would appear that his guitar was either mixed very low or not used at all.
--- [Eric Clapton: The Complete Recording Sessions, 1963 - 1992 by Marc Roberty]
* Tracks 1 to 4 originally released in 1978 as Haile I Hymn and tracks 5 to 9 originally released in 1979 as Are We a Warrior.
* Contributing musicians to specific tracks as listed above not known.

Tracks 1 to 4: Produced by Ijahman

Tracks 5 to 9 Produced by Geoffrey Chung & Ijahman


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