[Slowhand] Clapton's message

Shanahan mowdamowda at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 15 05:23:55 EST 2006

Ollie: EC has given so (many) contrdictionary statements

EC: I'm one of those people on the scene that just has an absolute aversion
to trying to be topical or trying to promote a message and using music as
a platform to say something about a political situation or world starvation,
anything! That's fine for other people, I just don't like it

20th May: A host of ageing rock legends are set to take part in a gig in
support of pro-hunt lobbying group The Countryside Alliance.
Pink Floyd legends Roger Waters and Nick Mason will be joined by Eric
Clapton, Roger Daltrey and Roger Taylor for the concert.



Does anyone else have their Slowhand Digests automatically sorted so that
DeltaNick's and Ollie's posts are always grouped together?
I've tried every variation in settings, but to no avail. Always together.


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