[Slowhand] More Rock star morals?

Kevin Wilson kevin.wilson at arivia.co.za
Thu Mar 16 09:39:43 EST 2006

>From a Jan Wenner interview in Spring of '67, published in Rolling Stone

in May 1968 - Kevin:

EC: In the last couple of years, the role is one of more than being a
musician. There is this big thing about you're going to influence the
young. For some incredibly uncanny reason, a musician is more important
than a politician these days. Because that is true, the role of a
musician is a drag. You don't have to be that intelligent to play music;
you don't have to have moral responsibility. There's no reason why they
should have, they're only there to play music and people should leave
them like that. Because so much responsibility is attached, it's too
much, a drag, too much public opinion placed on a musician. What I'm
doing now is just my way of thinking but if it gets into a paper
somewhere, people will say that what I'm saying is the way they ought to
think. Which is wrong, because I'm only a musician. If they dig my
music, that's great, but they don't have to know what's going on in my

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