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What if your
guitar hero's political views turned out to be more
in line with Charlton Heston than Babwa Stweisand?????
Would it change your opinion of him or his music???
(I expect this message to get the same response)


I am inclined to say that - unless your fav musician is involved in
something you truly feel is deeply reprehensible - that to me - as long as they made
music I enjoyed - I would not hold their political views against them -
after all - a rock star is a citizen too and is entitled just as I am - to work
on behalf of issues that are important to them -

With respect to the countryside alliance - they "stand" for a number of
things including supporting the preservation of open space (admittedly so they
can hunt that space) and for the preservation of rural/agricultural life - so it
is difficult to know for certain what aspect of the alliance EC and friends
are supporting - my concern re: the bird hunting scene in Britain is the
numbers and manner in which these hunts are conducted - literally somewhere in
the vicinity of a billion pheasants are imported to britain as chicks - with
their beaks snapped close with a plastic bit - for the purpose of the hunt. On
a typical weekend estate hunting party - each person will kill about 800
birds - birds that have been kept in pens and their first day of flying is the
day they get shot - these hardly seems sporting to me - EC however has said he
hunts only what he can eat - so while I would be personally squeamish about
killing anything - I am less disturbed by his hunting.

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