[Slowhand] RAM / Video Collection Vol. II

joeyjay at att.net joeyjay at att.net
Mon Mar 20 13:39:13 EST 2006


I am finally back to my pre-lightning, pre-hurricane(s) hardware/software setup. In fact, I have even upgraded some things.

Question: I have upgraded to 4 gig of RAM up from 1 gig. Where I seem to notice the difference is in the video project-rending process. It seems to be a lot faster. Does this make sense? You techies out there. What are the main advantages of having this much RAM? I did it because I remember someone saying that you can never have enough money or enough RAM. But I really don’t understand all the RAM-ifications (sorry, I couldn’t resist <g>) of why this might be good to do.

Also, I will be recompiling Video Collection Vol. 2 (3 DVD’s). I actually have the song list already setup, but would anyone like to offer any suggestions of individual performance songs to be included? Would anyone like to contribute any rare vids for this or the followup Vol. 3 ?

Vol. II will be very similar to Vol. 1 in its presentation. Thanks.


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