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Jon Maclean Jon.Maclean at lands.nsw.gov.au
Wed Mar 22 16:55:25 EST 2006

Thanks for posting that link John. When I got a copy of the album I
wondered why Leon Russell did not appear on it, as he was at the heart
of the 'Tulsa movement'. It is rather sad that he would hold a grudge
for over 30 years about Oldaker leaving his band to join Clapton's. I
had also read at the time that the album was supposed to be a CD/DVD
combo, and wondered why that didn't eventuate, and Oldaker cleared that
up too.
It is a great album BTW, I'm really pleased I made the effort to chase
it up.


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Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 16:26:14 -0800
From: John Walasko <jwalasko at telus.net>
Subject: [Slowhand] Jamie Oldaker interview with EC content
To: slowhand at planet-torque.com

There is a recent interview with Clapton drummer Jamie Oldaker at the
Goldmine music collecting magazine website;


There is mention of the recording sessions EC participated in for
Oldaker's album project. Lot's of EC-related artists mentioned: JJ
Cale, Vince Gill, Tah Mahal, etc.
Apparently all the recording sessions were filmed, as well.


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