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this excellent documentary features a good bit of doyle bramhall (see above link). he reveals the genesis of his relationship with EC, and there is footage from Antone's in Austin, Texas that looks like it might have been shot around the time of the Crossroads Festival or the Me and Mr. Johnson DVD with EC guesting during Doyle's set. I forget the obscure song they played, but EC had some sweet soloing licks on it! It was only snippets, not the whole song.

i saw this at the cleveland international film festival. i highly recommend it if it comes to your town - it outlines the decline of radio, and why no-talent artists get exposure and a guy like doyle does not. there is a hilarious sequence where a pretty young thing who can't sing makes a record and video. also, the movie opened with Ray Charles on piano and a young Billy Preston singing and dancing like James Brown behind a standup microphone!

to my friend bluescrazy, there also was a forum with the director and producer afterwards, but i didnt have time to hang around and ask if i could obtain the stock footage of the whole EC performance (ha ha)........


ps there was also a documentary released last summer about robert randolph and the family band called "Press On", has anyone ever seen that one??
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