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More interesting insights from Eric's 1970 interview with Ritchie Yorke,
published in Circus Magazine.

1. Strange thing is someone told Clapton the same words to
"Presence of the Lord" are in the Bible - wonder which version?

2. What's the downfall of Jimi Hendrix all about? The demise I'd
understand if the interview was done after September 1970.

3. Eric was clearly a changed man by 1970 - Led Zeppelin was
unnecessarily loud to his ears. :-)



RY: Is it true that you want to write religious songs?

EC: Yeah I do. It's not just a question of wanting to. I already have
written religious songs, such as 'In the Presence of the Lord.' That's a
strange song because I wrote it and then someone told me that somewhere
in the scriptures it had also been written . . . the same words. I never
knew that, it was an incredible co-incidence.

I do find that songs of praise are one of my greatest inspirations. I
constantly thank the Lord for being on the earth and for giving me the
power to be able to play and entertain people. And now He's given me the
power to sing and communicate, so I owe it to Him.

RY: I imagine you enjoy gospel music a lot, and people like Aretha

EC: Very much. Yeah. I love it.

RY: You once did a track with Aretha - 'Good to Me as I am to You' on
the Lady Soul album.

EC: It was a great thrill doing it.

RY: Are you going to do any more work with Aretha?

EC: I'd be there if she ever wanted me to do it, you can be sure of
that. That track we did was one of the best things I've ever done.

RY: I've always wondered what you thought of Led Zeppelin, which was the
band that filled the vacuum created by the end of Cream and the downfall
of Jimi Hendrix?

EC: I don't really know. I've heard their records and I saw them play in
Milwaukee. . . we were doing a festival together. It was very loud,
unnecessarily loud. I liked some of it, I really did like some of it.
But a lot of it was just too much. They over-emphasized whatever point
they were making.

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